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Alpha (Dire Wolf Subtype)

In order to establish a pack there must be a leader, one who is willing to assume the rank of Alpha. There can only ever be one wolf (at a time) who officially holds this rank. This is generally the wolf who is most revered by their followers.

Here in Ayrea, males are expected to step up to the plate. While pack dymanics may vary, and females are  just as capable of leading a pack, at this time only a wolf on male gendered lines may put in a request for the upgrade. 

Pack ownership is quite the responsibility, with alphas (and the players who own them) held accountable for all IC actions taken by pack members. It is a heavy burden to bear, but one that the leaders of Ayrea are always willing to carry. 

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Seer (Dire Wolf Subtype)

Seers are wolves with the gift of Sight, blessed long ago by Liss, the first seer and goddess of Irithyll

Sight for a seer may vary, from seeing events of the past to outcomes of the distant future. No two seers share the same vision. Often considered the most powerful beings in all of Ayrea, they are extremely rare and can be distinguished from other wolves by their purple eyes.

Dire Wolf seers are born on female gendered lines. As children, their visions are little more than glimmers in their eyes, but as they age and their abilities develop, the visions become more vivid and controlled; as well as more physically taxing. Male wolves born from seer bloodlines can sometimes carry and pass on the seer gene. 

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Ethereal Seer (Ethereal Subtype)

The connection to Liss, the first seer and goddess of Irithyll, is stronger for an Ethereal Seer than for one born a Dire Wolf. Because of this, the seer gene can manifest itself in both male gendered lines and female gendered lines. Ethereal Seers are often blessed by the other god/esses as well, granting them additional bonuses to their already powerful existences. Ethereal Seers are also said to be able to use their sight for longer periods of time before incurring the same level of exhaustion that a Dire Wolf seer might. 

Unlike their Dire Wolf counterparts, ethereal seers are not identifiable by purple eyes and can, in fact, sport any color therein. The only physical manifestation of their seer blood is in the long, flowing tail they sport.

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Elder (Peryton Subtype)

Peryton Elders are few and far between. Those who exist have often done so for hundreds of years, although it is said that some find ascension early on in their lives. To become an Elder, one must first claim their right to exist in all the lands of Ayrea. Once that is accomplished, they are likely to reap the rewards of Elderhood for many seasons to come... 

Peryton owners may request Elder upgrades (and acquire exclusive Elder peryton art) once they've completed a series of roleplay related tasks. 


  • Have owned your Peryton for one month (30 days)
  • Complete 5, 1k word RPs with your peryton being the main focus of the RP. Meaning they are the main character in the RP, the RP revolves around them, or it's in their point of view, even if you are playing with other characters.
  • Submit a form through the appropriate 'Peryton Elderhood' prompt.
  • There is a 5000 stone coloring fee each time you receive Peryton Elder art.

Perks to Elderhood

  • Elder Peryton will receive a +2 to all breedings, as well as a exclusive Golden Cert.
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