Emerald Totem

Category: Totems

Redeems one randomly selected and colored wolf, familiar, or wildlife. Artists choice!

Citrine Totem

Category: Totems

Redeems one custom colored wolf, familiar, or wildlife. 

Ruby Totem

Category: Totems

Grants the immediate adulthood of all offspring in a breeding, eliminating a colored baby stage (where applicable).

Sapphire Totem

Category: Totems

Grants one completely customizable baby to a breeding. Will not stack on itself. 

Pack Totem

Category: Totems

Exchange for one randomly colored wolf, wildlife, or familiar. Characters won through these means must remain with the pack they are given to.

Color Tonic

Category: Tonics

Used to apply an uncommon color to all offspring in a breeding. These colors are considered natural and not a dye. 

Seer Tonic

Category: Tonics

Guarentees one seer will be born in the litter. 

Love Potion

Category: Potions

Used to add +1 to a breeding's litter size (wolf, familiar, and wildlife). Love potions do not stack with themselves.

Twin Potion

Category: Potions

Guarantees that a set of twins will be born to the breeding. There must be at least two babies expected. 


Gendered Lines Potion

Category: Potions

Guarantees that there is at least one male gendered wolf or one female gendered wolf in a breeding. This potion can also guarantee the entire breeding is on male gendered or female gendered lines. 

Everlasting potion

Category: Potions

Guarantees uncommon colors applied with color tonics will pass on in the character's lineage. Must be used in conjunction with a color tonic to have any effect. 


Marking Potion

Category: Potions

Used to pre-determine a marking type for a (wolf/wildlife/familiar) breeding. Marking totems do not stack with themselves

Healers Pouch

Category: Collectibles

A simple piece of leather stitched together with itself and tied with a sturdy string. It is quite durable, easy to carry, and a prized possession for a healer on the go. Generally they’re reserved for those who collect herbs or other goods, but from time to time a lucky (or sneaky) member might stumble across one and keep it as their own.

Crystal Series

Category: Items

The stone gives off a faint glow, likely gathered from one of the Crystal Caverns in Ayrea or beyond. Choose one from the style list below: 

  • Crystal Earring
  • Crystal Drape
  • Crystal Bracelet
  • Chunk Necklace
  • Crystal Circlet Necklace


Category: Items

This was (likely) a fine piece of craftsmanship once upon a time. Choose one of the following styles: 

  • Tattered Scarf 
  • Normal Scarf

Elder Peryton Voucher

Category: Vouchers

Voucher for 1 Peryton lineart upgrade to Elder. Character receiving the upgrade must be the same one used to apply for the upgrade prompt.

Alpha Voucher

Category: Vouchers

Voucher for 1 Dire Wolf lineart upgrade to Alpha. Character receiving the upgrade must be the same one used to apply for the upgrade prompt.

Used in conjunction with the Pack Application Voucher.

Pack Approval Voucher

Category: Vouchers

Voucher for Pack Creation.

Used in conjunction with the Alpha Voucher.

Alpha Transfer Voucher

Category: Vouchers

Voucher for Dire Wolf Alpha Transfers. Required in order to apply for an Alpha line art upgrade!

Mini-shop Permit

Category: Vouchers

Permit authorizing this user to open and run a mini-shop, offering edits to official character art! 

Mini-shop permit ownership is contingent upon the user's ability to meet Ayrea's standard for edits consistently. This permit may be revoked if this requirement is not met.

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