Character Types

Wolf (WLF)

Sentient and intelligent, the wolves have higher mental abilities than some of the other inhabitants of the land. They have distinct personalities and a wide emotional range, and are capable of problem-solving, and have interests in the workings of the world. They form strong family bonds, typically raising their offspring from birth well into adolescence. Many prefer to keep their children with them in familial groups, or may form groups based on similar interests or needs. On occasion, they have also been known to form alliances with creatures other than wolves, whether for friendship or for services.

Wildlife (WLD)

In many ways, the wildlife of Kells serve to maintain balance within the realm. They are individuals, capable of creating tribes and nurturing families, going on grand adventures and slaying mighty beasts. Because so many of the smaller critters are considered prey in a world full of heavyweight predators, many of them choose to remain separate entities from their larger counterparters. However, in some cases a hare befriends an Ethereal, or a raven aids a berserker, and the union helps to cultivate a rare sort of companionship. One that goes beyond 'pet and master' qualities.

Familiar (FAM)

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