[Open] Test Customs by _____

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  • All Wolf breeds are available
  • All slots will be rolled
  • Slots close April 20th, 10pm PST
  • Anyone may enter, including staff
  • Each person may apply for 1 custom
  • These slots will cost ____ stones. Stones should be traded to _____ no later than 48h after your win has been confirmed.
  • Respond to this sale in the comments below to apply!


Referene Image(s), if applicable:


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[Open] [Auction] Test Sale

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This is just a test sales post to show how they will look!

Please feel free to play around in the comments section to get a feel for how the comments work. Reply to the test comment, or post a new comment, edit your comments, delete your comments, etc!

If you encounter any bugs, please @ the mods in the discord server! Thank you!

Species: Wolf
Design: Shia
Starting bid: $10
Min increment: $5
Autobuy: $80
Cute boi is cute.