Prompt Categories


General Prompts are used when no other category suits the prompt. 


Daily prompts that are always available to players! Can only be entered once a day.


Monthly prompts available to all players! Can only be entered once per month.


Themed prompts geared towards shop hosted events!

Line Art Upgrades

All prompts relating to 'promotions' of characters that require a recolor

Special Quests

Quests outside the realm of normalcy, often requested mysteriously and granting unique rewards.

Monster Hunter Quests

Quests given by Kale, often to go in search of (and possibly locate) monsters.

Herbalist Quests

Quests given by Olvar, often for the understanding, retrival, or finding of plants.

Relic Quests

Quests given by Everquest, often for the retrieval of old world items.


Prompts geared towards the gathering of collectibles by characters. Collectibles are akin to trophies, but may be of greater importance in the future...


Prompts specifically geared toward in-character applications for things like packs, item edit mini-shops, etc. 

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