Ayrea: The Wolven Realm


Ayrea: The Wolven Realm is an ARPG that takes place in the vast fantasy world of Ayrea, featuring different wolf species and supporting wildlife. Ayrea is rich with lore and roleplay opportunities - players can obtain official characters, create their origins and personalities, befriend or befoe other member characters, breed and create family legacies, establish packs and tribes, and explore different regions. Reap the rewards of activity by gaining special items, currency, and gameplay perks for your characters, and watch for chances to participate in Meta events - lore updates that you can help shape!


Ayrea is a closed species game - all creatures must be obtained through official means. Join our Discord to chat with staff and current members or ask questions. We strive to create a safe, open and inclusive community where we can gather, improve our art and writing skills, and otherwise enrich our lives, so be nice and have fun!

The Team At Ayrea