Sisterhood (Religion x Folklore)

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Many moons ago a young Religion and Folklore explored a nearby bog. This bog was home to many things - live and dead. Had their mother known she would have given them a tongue lashing, but alas this was a distraction from her untimely death. A death brought about by her own daughter, Folklore. The pair toddled along throughout the bog and discovered something sticking out from the guck, deeper into the wet parts of their path. Stepping onto the mess ahead would surely end in further tragedy and so they strategically found a way to pull the item free. This item was an arm frozen in time, two rings adorned the still in tact hand. The pair were so proud, and with no one to tell they carried the arm back to their den - together. The corpse of their mother still in the shadows of their home making it hard to forget what had happened, but in this moment the sisters became entwined deeply. Tragedy binding them.

Artist: MangoMeow / DA: FoxHeartFinds

Sisterhood (Religion x Folklore)
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In Ayrea: The Wolven Realm ・ By CtrlFGreenie
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